Common Questions

Hi! This is Dr. Mike! Here are some commonly asked questions that we receive at Child Friendly Dental.

Q: Do you accept new patients?

A: Yes and new-patient exams are free, so, tell all your friends! We want our practice to grow so that we can achieve success and help everyone.

Q: Are you experienced and caring in the financial area?

A: We accept all insurances and Care-Credit. We also accept Medicaid. We offer discounts to those who have no dental insurance. We strive to help the financial part of things be as smooth and affordable as possible.

Q: Is it going to hurt?

A: We care deeply about children. We use painless techniques. We work hard to help your child have a successful experience at our clinic. We want them to like us and to be friends. We want your child to be unafraid of dentistry.

Q: Why spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on baby teeth?

A: Don’t. Come and see us. We offer conservative treatment ideas that can save you a lot of money and frustration. Second-opinions are free. We are honest and careful to do things right.

Q: Do you allow parents back for the dental treatment?

A: Yes, though often the child will do better if the parent is not present.

Q: Is my child going to be put in a restraint?

A: No, not usually, unless a papoose or safety blanket is required to keep them safe during treatment.

Q: Do you do excellent work?

A: Yes, we have high standards. We want you and your children to be happy and to have no future problems. We make sure our best work is always provided. We use the best materials and skills.

Q: Is your office fun, safe, and clean?

A: Yes, this is important to us. We want your child to have a fun time in our clean, safe, and caring pediatric dental office. If you see anything that we can improve upon, please tell us.

Q: Can you knock my child out?

A: We provide conscious sedation. This almost knocks your child out, but it is not a general anesthetic. It allows us to do your child’s dentistry gently, safely, and successfully. Nitrous oxide is available too.

Q: Are you a specialist?

A: Yes, Dr. Brown holds a certificate and a Master’s degree in Pediatric, or Children’s Dentistry. And he has a lot of clinical experience. He uses wise and accurate judgment. We see children from the age of 1-year to 18-years old.

Q: Hablan espanol? Do you speak Spanish?

A: Si, hablamos espanol. We speak Spanish.

Q: Do you and your staff really love children?

A: Yes, absolutely! And we teach them to take great care of their teeth.